Bharatiya Vidya Mandir (BVM) Trust has deep interest in popularizing and propagating Indian Culture and its various aspects. Also BVM has taken many initiations in many ways educating people for their career progression and development which are the object of fulfilling corporate citizenship and social responsibility. Because BVM believes that every individual from each stratum of society needs affordable, relevant and quality education to fulfill personal aspiration.

The vision of the trust is to constantly strive towards meeting this social need by inclusion and expansion of newer streams of education in its institutions/centres for learning, research & application of knowledge.

In fulfillment of its vision, the trust commits itself to a mission outrival in all its actions to produce an atmosphere of effective learning, generate a spirit of enquiry, induce healthy challenges and competitiveness, encourage justifiable accomplishments and ensure inspiring return to everyone – students, teachers, trustees, members, associates and the society at large which will lead to happiness, peace, harmony and prosperity.