Vaichariki is a research magazine published by Bharatiya Vidya Mandir over the last 31 years. It is a bi-monthly magazine carrying various articles on Religion-Philosophy-Science, Literature and Folk-literature, History and Archeology, Art and Folk-art. At present, 4500 copies of every issue are being rolled out, and by the courtesy of Simplex Infrastructures Limited, they are reaching readers in all parts of the country as well as some foreign countries. This magazine is dedicated to the quest for knowledge on Indian Culture and its advocacy and promotion. It publishes research articles not only by various scholars on related subjects but also relevant articles and information that are received from its readers. Succeeding the honorable and redoubtable pundits, Shri Satyanarayan Pareek, Dr. Ganapati Chandra Gupta, Dr. Manohar Sharma and Pandit Akshay Chandra Sharma, in the present day, Dr. Babulal Sharma is the Editor of this magazine.