Vision & Mission


Bharatiya Vidya Mandir (BVM) Trust has a deep interest in popularizing and propagating Indian Culture and its various aspects as India has a vast basket of diverse cultural traditions, traditional expressions and intangible cultural heritage. They comprise of masterpieces which need institutional support and encouragement with a view to addressing areas critical for the survival and promotion of the cultural heritage. BVM also believes that individuals from every stratum of society need affordable, relevant and quality education to fulfill personal aspirations and the Trust is soulfully involved and dedicated to educating people for their career progression and development. The Trust constantly strives towards meeting this social need by the inclusion and expansion of newer streams of education in its institutions and centers for learning, research and application of knowledge.


  • Establishing and managing educational institutions
  • Research-work on religion, philosophy, science, literature – folk-literature, history, archaeology, art – folk art, and other cultural traditions and heritage
  • Publishing research magazines and books on the above-mentioned topics
  • Organizing seminars on the afore-mentioned subjects
  • Conducting practical technical training and skills development projects